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(Credit: David Lukazs / Ada Films Ltd)

5. Mrs Harris Goes to Paris 《哈里斯夫人去巴黎》

Adapted from a novel by Paul Gallico, and previously filmed for television with Angela Lansbury, Mrs Harris Goes to Paris features Lesley Manville as Ada Harris, a cleaner in 1950s London. She is smitten by a Christian Dior gown owned by one of her wealthy clients, so when she discovers her war widow's pension has grown into a sizable nest egg, she flies to Paris to buy some Dior of her own. But will she be accepted in the snobbish world of haute couture, as embodied by Isabelle Huppert?


Released on 14 July in Germany, Italy and Mexico, and 15 July in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland


(Credit: MediaProStudio)

6. The Good Boss《好老板》

Fernando León de Aranoa's dark workplace comedy was nominated for a record 20 Goyas (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars), and in February it won six of them, including best film, best director and one for Javier Bardem in the best actor category. Bardem plays Blanco, the paternal CEO of a company that manufactures industrial weighing equipment. He likes to be seen as the archetypal good boss: generous, fair, and friend to everyone. But when his factory is nominated for a Business Excellence award, Blanco is determined to get rid of any employees who might tarnish his gleaming image. "It's a comedy, but no laughing matter," says Paul Byrnes at the Sydney Morning Herald. "It's the blackest of satires – the kind in which a smiling face hides a monstrous heart."


Released on 15 July in the UK and Ireland, 22 July in Finland and 28 July in Germany


(Credit: Nick Wall / Netflix)

7. Persuasion 《劝导》

The latest Jane Austen adaptation stars Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot, who was persuaded not to marry her first love, Captain Frederick Wentworth (Cosmo Jarvis). Seven years later, they have a second chance at love, but this time a rich suitor, William Elliot (Henry Golding), gets in the way. Some Austen fans have grumbled about the film's trailer, which includes contemporary slang and Anne quipping to camera. But its director, Carrie Cracknell, had no qualms about the stylistic updating in Ron Bass and Alice Victoria Winslow's screenplay.


In cinemas on 1 July in the US and 8 July in the UK and released on Netflix on 15 July


(Credit: Stanislav Honzik/Netflix)

8. The Gray Man《灰影人》

Anthony and Joe Russo, brothers and co-directors of the last two Captain America films and Avengers films, reunite with Captain America himself, Chris Evans, for their adaptation of Mark Greaney's bestselling spy-vs-spy novel. Evans is the villain this time, a psychopathic former CIA agent who puts out a contract on his mysterious ex-colleague, played by Ryan Gosling. The most expensive Netflix film to date, The Gray Man consists of two attractive men (and one attractive woman, Ana de Armas) having shoot-outs, car chases and fist fights in Prague.


Released on 15 July in some cinemas in the US, UK and Ireland and on Netflix on 22 July